Ecovena Thermium

Heat Management System

Tenants Using Open Windows to Manage Temperature

Our flagship product, Ecovena Thermium, is a full-building retrofit solution that reduces heat energy usage by 20-40%. By centralizing and modernizing older heating controls, consumption of heating energy is carefully controlled and waste reduced. Installation is quick with minimum disturbance, and continuous tenant comfort is ensured.

Ecovena Thermium works with Electrical or Gas heating, high or low voltage controls, and electronic or mechanical thermostats and valves. It can also be used to convert an aging and trouble-prone pneumatic control system to modern reliable electronic controls.

All Thermium systems provide cloud based unit-level monitoring and control. Individual tenant needs can be accommodated, and all monitoring and management can be done from any Internet enabled device. In addition, comprehensive reports can be generated showing energy usage over time for any building segment, and data can be used in tenant disputes or to predict ROI on energy-saving building envelope repairs or updates.

Tenant Comfort

We provide tools and hardware to manage residential energy usage on a per unit basis. No more cold calls, or open windows in winter. Happy tenants are retained tenants.

Save Energy - Save Money

Are you a landlord concerned about tenant energy usage? We provide tools to monitor and manage expenses on a per-unit basis.

Be Alert

Use the Ecovena Alerting System to configure customized alerts for specific responders. Dashboards and Alerts can be accessed from any device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones.

Raise Portfolio Value

Energy Savings goes directly to the bottom line. Increased profitability means increased portfolio value.