Smart Apartments and EV Charging

Smart Apartments

Ecovena helps property managers and landlords upgrade apartments to "Smart Apartments", increasing ROI and tenant satisfaction.

Tenants can enjoy:

  • Wi-Fi included in rent
  • Smart Speakers (Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, etc.)
  • Voice Operation (Alexa, Siri, etc.)
  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Locks and Smart Access
  • Smart Heating and Air Conditioning (with optional Property Manager override)
  • Laundry Notification
  • ...and more

Smart Apartments command higher rents and attract quality tenants.

EV Charging

Ecovena designs, produces, and installs Electric Vehicle chargers in shared parking areas, such as office buildings and MURBs (Multi-Unit Residential Buildings).

Ecovena works with your existing building electrical supply to safely manage charging rates among multiple chargers. This is essential for safe usage of multiple chargers, especially when charging demands exceed the total building supply.

Vehicle charging rates can be scheduled, prioritized, and monitored remotely. This is especially useful for fleets, ensuring that all vehicles are charged overnight even when there are more vehicles than the building supply can charge simultaneously.