Ecovena and Submetering

Ecovena Thermium makes an excellent companion to tenant submetering. In fact, a large percentage of our most enthusiastic clients have, or will be installing, submetering.

In most jurisdictions, minimum heat must be provided by the landlord. For this reason, only the "plugs and lights" usage can be metered to allow costs to be passed on to the tenant. This somewhat encourages tenants to save energy, but is only a partial solution.

Some facts about combining Ecovena Thermium and submetering:
  • Submetering encourages tenants to be energy-wise with "plugs and lights" usage, partially reducing the building's carbon footprint.
  • Ecovena Thermium reduces building-wide energy costs that submetering will not, further reducing usage and operating expenses.
  • Submetering can usually only be applied to new tenants, Ecovena Thermium begins saving right away.
  • Ecovena Thermium and submetering can often be installed in the same visit, reducing tenant disruption and reducing installation costs.
  • Usage of tenant-supplied air conditioning or supplemental heating devices will be subject to submetering and billed to the tenant.
  • Ecovena Thermium can reduce energy usage in systems that are difficult or impossible to submeter, such as shared hydronic loops or fan coils.

By encouraging energy savings through tenant submetering, and reducing heat energy usage through Ecovena Thermium, the lowest possible operating and energy costs can be achieved.