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How can Ecovena help your building?

Ecovena Thermium Heat Management System

Our flagship product, Ecovena Thermium, is a full-building retrofit solution that reduces heat energy usage by 20-40%. By centralizing and modernizing older heating controls, consumption of heating energy is carefully controlled and waste reduced. Installation is quick with minimum disturbance, and continuous tenant comfort is ensured.

Peak Management and Demand Response

As a whole-building Energy Management System, Ecovena Thermium and related controls have both status data and consumption data for all of your building's largest energy consuming systems. This coordinated control can have a large influence on energy pricing by reducing peaks, reducing usage during periods of high pricing, and responding to utility Demand Response signals.

Ecovena Environmental and Mechanical Sensors

Ecovena supplies a complete line of Environmental and Mechanical Sensors that can be easily deployed to monitor and manage new or existing building systems.

Our Environmental Sensors lines include wire-in permanent modules, plug-in modules for lightweight or temporary installs, as well as interface modules to acquire data from existing systems using industry standard protocols such as BACnet and Modbus.

Smart Apartments and EV Charging

Ecovena works with your existing building electrical supply to safely manage charging rates among multiple chargers. This is essential for safe usage of multiple chargers, especially when charging demands exceed the total building supply.

Vehicle charging rates can be scheduled, prioritized, and monitored remotely. This is especially useful for fleets, ensuring that all vehicles are charged overnight even when there are more vehicles than the building supply can charge simultaneously.