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Ecovena Thermium Heat Management System

Our flagship product, Ecovena Thermium is a full-building retrofit solution that reduces Heat Energy usage by 20-40%. By centralizing and modernizing older heating controls, consumption of heating energy is carefully controlled and waste reduced. Installation is quick with minimum disturbance, and continuous tenant comfort is ensured.

Ecovena Thermium works with Electrical or Gas heating, high or low voltage controls, and electronic or mechanical thermostats and valves. It can also be used to convert an aging and trouble-prone pneumatic control system to modern reliable electronic controls.

All Thermium Systems provide cloud based unit-level monitoring and control. Individual tenant needs can be accommodated, and all monitoring and management can be done from any Internet enabled device. In addition, comprehensive reports can be generated showing energy usage over time for any building segment, and data can be used in tenant disputes or to predict ROI on energy-saving building envelope repairs or updates.

Peak Management and Demand Response

As a whole-building Energy Management System, Ecovena Thermium and related controls have both status data and consumption data for all of your building's largest energy consuming systems. This coordinated control can have a large influence on energy pricing by reducing peaks, reducing usage during periods of high pricing, and responding to utility Demand Response signals.

Firstly, by transparently rotating usage of electrical heating, large ventilation fans, electrically-fired domestic hot water heaters, and other large consumers, energy usage is leveled, avoiding excessive energy usage spikes, which can save thousands of dollars in utility fees and pricing structures.

Secondly, by monitoring current energy pricing (where available by provider), Ecovena-managed buildings can prioritize energy usage, and delay non-time-sensitive tasks until pricing returns to normal. For example, a 10 minute spike in energy pricing can trigger a reduction in baseboard heating, as well as a temporary pause in a non-critical ventilation fan.

And thirdly, when available by provider, an Ecovena-Managed building can be configured to receive and respond to demand-management signals, which makes owners eligible for rebates and cash credits. When local usage is high, Ecovena buildings can cooperate by temporarily reducing non-essential usage to ease grid stresses.

Ecovena Environmental and Mechanical Sensors

Ecovena supplies a complete line of Environmental and Mechanical Sensors that can be easily deployed to monitor and manage new or existing building systems.

Our Environmental Sensors lines include wire-in permanent modules, plug-in modules for lightweight or temporary installs, as well as interface modules to acquire data from existing systems using industry standard protocols such as BACnet and Modbus.

These devices can report real-time conditions such as:
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Lighting
  • CO2 and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Motion
  • Human Presence (occupancy)
...and other parameters.

Mechanical Sensors include:
  • Air flow Sensors to monitor, tune, and validate air handling equipment.
  • Vibration Sensors to monitor rotating assets and provide early warning of potential maintenance issues.
  • Door Sensors to monitor entrances, garage doors, access gates, and warn if left open against building policy.
Air Quality and COVID-19

Air Quality, ventilation, and problems like "Sick Building Syndrome" have always been concerns in older buildings. Over the years, many buildings have drifted far from their original specifications and been retrofitted extensively with potentially off-gassing materials, new room divisions, and possibly sub optimal ductwork.

With COVID-19 drastically affecting building occupancy for the forseeable future, many organizations are being faced with ensuring that return to work or school can be done safely. As well, residential structures such as condominiums and apartment towers are struggling with maintaining usability of essential areas such as lobbies, laundry facilities, and other shared spaces.

Ecovena's advanced sensors and ventilation management controls can help manage air quality, by ensuring adequate and energy efficient air changeovers in heavily populated areas.

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